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I just lost my baby girl at 26+5weeks from preclamsia plus c-section . An my head is all mashed up I'm having some dark, dark, stormy days. I have one more c-section left and I think maybe i am going to try again with the help of god. Has it ever happen to anyone twice or more time?

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Sorry I cannot offer any advice but just wanted to say sorry for the loss of your baby and I hope you have some good support around you. x


I’m so sorry for your loss. I had pre eclampsia with my 3rd baby right at the end of my pregnancy she was born healthy at 39 weeks by induction. I’ve since had my 4th and no sign of pre eclampsia this time around I was monitored very closely and took 75mg of aspirin from 12 weeks until delivery x


Yes the aspirin helps. I was given this with my son when I developed high blood pressure after 22 weeks. He was born at 37 weeks healthy. I was also induced.


So sorry to hear of your loss. Like JulesUK I cannot offer any advice but hope you will get support from APEC and other organisations as well as Health Professionals where you live. My daughter is 27 now and thankfully was lucky to survive, as was I, when I had an eclampic fit at 31 weeks. She was 1.1kg (2lb 10oz). I decided not to have any more children having been lucky then but not one day goes by that I don't think about it. Hopefully in time you'll find the strength to 'try again'. Please God with support from the start you'll have a successful and happy outcome next time. Good Luck.

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(Long message ahead) Im so sorry for your loss,

That’s so not fair it’s happened to you 2 times now, have you got any other children?

That’s completely normal to have dark stormy days and you need time to grieve your loss.

I would suggest going to a psychologist to talk about those dark thoughts and worries and do something to remember your lost bubba like plant a tree/flower get a piece of jewelry that represents the baby like maybe get there name in graved on it.

That’s what I did when I miscarriaged my baby Halo and I also went to the doctor and got medicine as well to help my mind stay calm.

I started to get pre-eclampsia at 24 weeks with my first and just kept increasing my dose of heart medication and was on bed rest until my kidneys were about to fail at 37 weeks but luckily I had a healthy chubby baby

I was worried about my 2nd child if I’ll get it again and I did some research and I didn’t eat any salt at all as soon as I found out I was pregnant (no sauce etc) as it effects your fluid and BP I also read some research papers that said if you ate a lot of dairy your less likely to get PE and it helps to be in the healthy weight range (BMI 18.5-24) I was underweight so gained a bit before I got pregnant again and taking aspirin but I didn’t take them as it was more my kidneys that couldn’t handle the pregnancy rather than my heart and I didn’t get PE for 2nd bub

I am now trying again for my 3rd baby after my miscarriage but have already stoped eating salt etc just in case as I worry maybe if it a girl like my first I might get it again and I don’t think I could handle losing another bub so I’m trying my best to be healthy in my mind and my body for this next pregnancy hopefully soon


Hi so sorry to hear of your experience. If you would like to contact us direct at we may be able to help you.


Hi I'm so sorry for your loss. Stay strong and try keeping positive. It's never easy losing a pregnancy.

I had very high blood pressure when I was pregnant over 2 years a ago and it really scary always. Luckily I had a healthy little boy and all is well with us.

Sending you some warm hugs xxx


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