My girls are 13 years apart to start off so had my second daughter about little over four years after two weeks of having her I developed preeclampsia fell into coma all my organs was falling have dialysis twice because it didnt work the first time around. I developed high blood pessure, heart failure, seizures, memory loss, and kidney failure to name some thing by the grace of God I woke up a week later with no momory of half of my life but knew everyone around me from my everyday life. It have been 4 years and been off in on to my kidney doctor to make sure my kidneys are working so went to do my regular blood work n my kidney level are up again after two years of a break. Now have to get an ultrasound done because am back at 1.11 with my levels with no symptoms but working a new job which at Amazon fresh n the cold. My question is can I still get problems after couple years later the doctor never order my an ultrasound before so this new for me but the doctor new to my case also.

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  • Hi Shamicra,

    Sorry to hear you were so unwell in the past. When people have been so ill there can be long term effects, yes. As you are under the car of a new doctor, our advice would be to make a list of all your questions and worries about your health, to ask the new doctor at your appointment.

    If you feel you would like to see one of our pre-eclampsia experts to discuss your health and long term health issues, please drop us an email and we can arrange this for you.

    Best wishes from all at APEC