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I had severe pre-eclampsia diagnosed with my boy Zachary at 25+3 in January last year. I was transferred miles away and delivered by classical section 2 days later. I spent days in ITU and Zachary spent almost 5 months in NICU before passing away.

We're trying again and I am TERRIFIED! I've spoken to a local consultant and she's been over everything but I'm still scared. I can't help it.

Just needed to get that out there.

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Sorry to hear of your loss. I had an eclampic fit at 31 weeks almost 27 years ago. Thankfully my daughter who weighed just over 2 pounds survived. Despite this I can remember everything as if it was yesterday. I think you and your partner should try again but if you become pregnant and are unsure about anything just ASK ASK ASK. Given your circumstances I cannot see any doctor/ health professional being worried about you asking questions however trivial you think they may be. Explain to them that you are worried and may need more re-assurance. Try not to be scared though as this may raise your blood pressure which you clearly want to avoid. I'll be thinking about you and praying that all goes well. Good Luck.

My first little boy was still born at 27+5 due to pre-eclampsia. That was 12 years ago. Since then I have had 3 more children.

With the first, PE appeared at 32 weeks and I was induced at 34 weeks. He is 10 years old now and has very little vision in one eye but is otherwise perfectly healthy.

With the second, no sign of PE and I was induced at 40+1. She was 8 years old yesterday and perfectly healthy apart from coeliac disease.

With the third, PE appeared at 33 weeks and I was induced at 34+4. She is now 6 and has some eyesight issues and a problem with the tendons in her ankles but is otherwise healthy.

I have no doubt you will be very closely monitored during your next pregnancy and I hope my story can give you a bit of hope for all being well. Good luck x

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