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Has anyone heard of the STAMP clinical trial?

I am one of the researchers for this trial and am just wondering how much information women have had about STAMP. It has been recruiting for 12 months in London (Queen Charlottes, UCLH, St Thomas), Birmingham (Womens, City, Heartlands), Stoke, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Liverpool?

There will more information on the APEC website and this community board soon?

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Hello, I had pre-eclampsia in January 2011 and was treated at St Thomas's in London. I was admitted at 33 weeks and delivered at 34+2.

I had an appointment at St Thomas's through APEC's expert referral scheme a couple of months ago.

I haven't heard about the STAMP trial.


Having read about the trial now I see why I wouldn't have heard about it at the time and wouldn't have been eligible. Sounds very interesting, hope it is going well.


Thanks for your reply. You would have been just outside of the eligibile gestational age. I know it's a tricky, hypothetical question, but if you had been a week earlier in your diagnosis and otherwise eligible, and had been approached about the trial, do you think you would have said yes? If you want to reply in private use

No worries if you don't feel like answering this - just we aren't allowed to ask why women actually approached for the trial decline it and I am interested in what motivates or concerns women.



I was in Heartlands Hospital last year pregnant with my daughter. I originally started off in Russells Hall hospital, then gloucester then heartlands eventually. I got admitted into hospital at 26+6, and finally had my daughter at 30 weeks.

When I got to Heartlands they did ask me to be a part of the STAMP trial, as I lasted so long with the pre-eclampsia, but I declined as I was a bit worried about trialling drugs.

My daughter was in neonatal for a while, and whilst there I met another women who lasted as long as I did with pre-eclampsia, and she actually did do the trial, but wasn't on the drugs for too long before she had to give birth. Hope this helps x


Hi All - The women who have now joined StAmP Trial are our heroes as were the first men walking on the moon. We deliberately decided not to give statin to women who may get preeclampsia (this would have been ideal so we could prevent preeclampsia happening in the first place) as it is naturally to be fearful of medication during pregnancy. I can tell you that over 40 women have joined the study and there is no indication of any statin related adverse effects. This study with statins may help solve the problems of preeclampsia as its based on my idea of reducing a culprit protein called sFlt-1 and its reduction restores pregnancy balance. As more women who fulfill the entry criteria join the study and the sooner we complete it, we will be to finding out what we need to do to prevent preeclampsia. Hope this helps.


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