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Triggering behavior of people who are obsessed with their weight

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Hello! I'm a not a native English speaker, so excuse my errors. I used to be anorexic a few years ago. Now I am in a healthy weight(BMI of 19), but sometimes I still have some kind of anorexic thoughts and have some problems with people triggering me. There is a man in our work who tries to loose weight and became really obsessed with diets, calories e.t.c. Today he told me that there is too much calories in my food and I could put on weight eating like this. In fact, I am in control with my weight and behavior, but I still found his words being really triggering for me. After talking to him I started feeling guilty for eating to much. Please, can you recommend me, what is the best way of dealing with such kind of people and how to protect myself from having the ED thoughts back? Thank you in advance.

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You have to see that he is caught up in Ana's Web of lies and deceit you have stepped outside it but triggers like that take you back to how it was and the competitvnous that Ana instills into victims so that they compete with each other in the race to starve to death - that's ana's endgame - death - you have chosen life

Thank you for your support! Most days I don't think about weight, food e.t.c. , whoever some triggers still can make me feel insecure, so the best way for me is not even hear any talks about weight.

Firstly - your English is great. I understand how you feel about triggers from others - I share this problem with you. It doesn't take much of a comment to start the anorexic thoughts up again - BUT - you are not trying to lose weight - you know the amount you are eating does not cause weight gain - so you know you are right about what you are eating. Its about standing firm in the truth for yourself - we all need different amounts to maintain a healthy weight - be strong - you have battled and won against this dreadful illness - don't let others take that away. Perhaps suggest to this man - gently - that you are not interested in his food issues and that you would prefer to talk about other things.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for all of your replies. In fact, triggers are still problem for me. Most of the time I am OK with my body image. However, when I heard about someone trying to loose weight I often find myself being lazy and chubby, even though my weight is still lower than average. I start feeling guilty for not dieting e.t.c. It would be perfect for me not to hear any talks about weight or anything like that at all. However, I have to teach myself to ignore them.

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