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Fats make me feel sick


I am currently in anorexia recovery. I do not have a fear of fat or any food; I am afraid of the calories I eat only. Since fat contains more calories than carbohydrate or protein (9 cal by gram of fat versus 4 cals for each gram of the others), the foods Are more caloric, so I don’t eat them.

My meal plan increases day by day, and today, we replaced my 0% less sugar Greek yogurt by a 6% Balkan yogurt. After eating it, I felt kind of sick. I think it is due to the fact I am not used to the fat. Does anyone experience sickness like that when increasing the fats in their diet?

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Most certainly...yes. Three years into recovery, eating fatty foods makes me extremely ill. NOt at a subconscious level, but purely physical. Over the years, i have learned what foods will make me sick. Just a few bites of certain foods, like delicious salmon, or pork, will have me puking by the end of the night. And greek yogurt is hard on the stomach as well,not only because of the fats but because of the proteins. Causes an allergic reaction in some people. Think we are lacking the enzymes to break down the fats. If you are trying to get fats in, i suggest eating foods that don't cause that reaction..peanut butter, cheese, real butter..etc. Lots of choices out there. It is your journey:)


Great you've started to make increases gradually - always best from my experience. I too have issues with fatty foods - but as below - find cheese and peanut butter great - have you tried pro biotic yoghurts - again they can be helpful. You do need to be really sure that its the fat causing the problem - I know some of my "scary" foods - or puddings when eating out - leave me feeling sick - but if I'm truthful its the anxiety and the fact I'm pushing ED boundaries that are at the route of things.


It was actually my antidepressants that made me feel super anxious and nauseous, but thank you for your help!


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