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Trying to recover

How can I stop falling back into eating disorder patterns when trying to recover?

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I’m in exactly the same situation as you. The doctor has told me to reach my ideal weight, I need to gain 9kg. I’m on a refeeding meal plan in hospital and it’s so much food. They have been feeding me so much sugar and desert and I know it’s important for me to eat it and the dietician has said that its unlikely I will gain anything due to the meal plan in a week and it’s only been three days so far. She said even if I do gain a tiny bit after a week, the gain will be unnoticeable and it won’t make me look different but it’s so hard. I haven’t eaten added sugar in the last 2 years and it’s scary. Although I like the food, the ED in my brain says I’m getting fat. It’s just so scary but I will have to go through it and so do you. We as humans are stronger than we think we are and honestly, let’s break free and be rebels. Let’s eat sugar and all the other food on the plan and challenge ED, let’s be rebels!


Its really hard as ED habits are strongly bedded in and don't like letting go. You do need help and support through recovery - ABC has a helpline and befrienders and I know they helped me a great deal. It is important for you to get professional help - as EDs are an illness and need treatment so if you can access an ED specialist service that would be another way forward for you.


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