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a step forward out of my black hole

I sat down with my husband the other night and for a few emotional hours I tried to explain my E.D. he struggled like most people and made the same stupid statements at first. " just stop it and eat" " you look fine". and after hrs of this he finally stopped and listened and better yet he heard me. Oh if felt so good to be heard by a loved one. he stopped with the statements he held me and said " honey I am so sorry I had know idea what you were going through" I feel like 10000 lbs was taken off my shoulders. He no longer gets mad at me if I am measuring my food or picking at it. he doesn't complain about the portions. he encourages me when I do well and he holds me when I struggle. we spent this weekend together doing things we love and ED did not come up at all. we were out with friends and although I portion controlled I ate and I felt okay about it. God I hope this is my light at the end of another tunnel

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whyagain, that was quite a step forward. It sounds like your husband really listened and understands your pain. Encouraging you when you do well and holding you when you struggle, sounds like the best medicine in getting better. Reach for the stars, they are within reach now. x

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Fantastic - what a great relationship you have - my husband - though supportive - and not complaining about my measuring etc - separates himself completely from my problem and doesn't really want to hear about it - he's lovely - but can't understand - doesn't see a way to solve it (and as an engineer everything can be solved practically) - so just puts it to one side - so your husband is a treasure - keep going in your battle - and now you know you have someone battling with you.


Oh wow. This is great. I am happy that your husband is kind of understanding. It gives me hope really because I have the case where people just don't get it. My own sister makes comments like don't be stupid and just eat and it hurts. I guess I may try talk to her someone to get her to understand it. But yeah, also well done for opening up to your husband because i know it is difficult and that your ED voice is trying to put people against you. It's hard and you've got over it. Well done! :)

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