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I dont know whats happening to my body


Hi im 16 yeras old and i am bulimic. I dont know if it is bulimia because i can control it sometimes. I have been vomiting more than two weeks and i dont see any progress i dont feel thiner. I dont know what to do because i want to be thiner than i am know and i have been vomiting a lot and i also have been going to the gym. I want to stop vomiting because i know im hurting myself and i dont like it i end up crying everytime i do it. I dont know what else i can do to be skinny as i want.

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Blatm, I think you know that this is not the way to get thinner. Vomiting can be detrimental to your over all health. I think before this goes any further, you need to see your doctor as well as a professional counselor. They can guide you into the safest way to lose weight if they deem it necessary. I wish you well Blatm. Please stay safe. x

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Thank you for replying and yes my boyfriend is helping me to get some apointments with professional people that can help me but sometimes i feel like i have to do it q

You really do need to see a doctor - and get some counselling - this desire to become thinner is clearly becoming an obsession and the vomiting is going to seriously damage your health in the long term. Please please do seek some help - I know from experience it is easy to say you won't vomit again - until the next time - and the pattern quickly develops so don't let it get any more of a hold on you before you get some professional help.

It is sonething i can not control i have been living with a body that i hate and i have done all these diets and workouts to solve the problem bit it doesnt and vomiting helps me a little more i know i need help but i am scared i dont want to be sick. And as i say i have been crying a lot today i passed the whole day in my room lonley and the only thing that i stand up for is to go to the bathroom and vomit can you please help me or say something to help me

I really do suggest you get some help - talk to your GP or a friend - visit the ABC website - they have support lines and information that might assist you - they also have a befriending scheme which would also help I think. There's also BEAT - they have support lines you can ring for help too. Please, please do get some help.

I will get some help and thak you for giving me options. Today i went to therapy and i hope this might help me.

Glad you're getting therapy - try to be as honest as you can about your feelings and your struggles - I wrote a diary and a list of things I needed to talk about to take to sessions and this really helped. Good luck.

Thank you very much for all of your advice it is really helping me

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