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Any advise please

Please please please. Can someone give me some advuse on how to treat my constipation.

I think I have tried pretty much everything.. sick of it all tasking like bloody sawdust.

Surely there has to be a cure for it.

Maybe I over worry which doesn't help so any advice in this be great.

I'm determined to go away in June this year and actually be able to go naturally on the loo rather than ge so anxious about it that I can't go for 2 weeks I'm there.

Any advise pleas!!! Yes I have already sen my GP. Xxx

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Hi Sammy987, I wish there were an easy answer, unfortunately there isn't. My daughter has the same problem which has made her dependent on laxatives. It was a very bad decision made by her doctor 7 years ago. Two a day, became 4 then 6 then then.... Now she can no longer go w/o taking a laxative. Once the intestines get use to the stimulation of a laxative, they can no longer work on their own. I would honestly follow the advice of your GP as to what he recommends for you. I feel for you.

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ive had constipation for ages but started eating more fruit and drinking more water it really helped. I know how bad it can be only going to the loo a few times a week


I' ve been having constipation too lately ( not Ed related btw i think just bad eating). Almost feeling as i m going to pass out in the toilet because of the pain. I m sorry not having a useful advice, mine it's not severe so i m just eating yogurt all the time but if you have serious problems maybe better go to a walk in centre or seek professional medical advice Maybe even another specialist if your gp is not helping


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