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My Mum's ordering a takeaway tomorrow and i'm panicking about what to have. I can't say no or hide that i've eaten it as my Mum will get angry. How many calories are in the average takeaway meals (pizza, calzones, kebabs, burgers - inc veggie burger)? I'm fretting like mad and the place has no calories. I hate my ED for making me so scared about something that no one else cares about.

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lucyjenkins, I do understand how scary it can be for someone with ED. I'm sure your mom is doing this as a treat. Maybe contemplate a veggie burger or a kebab which will give you the protein you need along with some veggies. I hope you try to enjoy the meal tomorrow for you and not because you think your mom may give angry. Let us know how it goes.. x


I agree that hide food may be not a good idea. I had endless fights with my parents and felt more uncomfortable in the end. I used to have food that really scared me..maybe you can choose something that feels less scary for you. If you feel more comfortable with veggies you can go for the veggie burger or a pizza with the ingredients you want (if you don't want some of them you can easily ask them to take it out).

If you can bring someone (or there's a particular family member) who makes you feel supported that would be great. Meal times are very hard and you deserve to be in a relaxed and supportive environment. I think that might help as well:)


Thank you so much!


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