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Feeling down about weight gain

I'm not asking for advice really... Just in need of a bt of a vent.

I'm 35 years old, suffered with anorexia and bulimia for about 20 years and been in recovery for about 1 year.

I'm doing so much better than I was in many ways. However, the weight gain has been really getting to me lately. I HATE IT! I honestly just cannot stand the weight gain and I wish it would melt away immediately.

I have been tackling these negative feelings with DBT skills that I have learnt (which has been brilliant! I highly recommend DBT to fellow sufferers. It has been a revelation) but this goes beyond the emotional side. I hate how it actually physically feels. I can't bear the thought of being touched. I want to climb out of my body.

Sorry, this post doesn't really flow and possibly doesn't make much sense, I just needed to get the thoughts out of my head. Thanks (and sorry) for reading!!

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I totally get you,it. I am battling my anorexia. Have been eating so much more than I feel comfortable with. I go to reiki massage therapy and am repulsed by touch. I cringe when am touched and am so so disappi ted and disgusted by the weight o have gai ed as a result of eating more. I wanna run and hide and not have to physically feel all the wobbles I feel when he touched me. It turns my stomach and my soul. So nice to meet you xx


Think you should probably talk to someone about your feelings - anorexia can make you feel all sorts of things as you try to break free - and these reactions to your body change are not unusual - but you need to talk to someone to sort them out - either a counsellor or the ABC/BEAT helplines are good.


Great that you're in recovery - and making progress - you sound like you need to talk to someone about how you actually feel about your body and how the weight gain is making you feel - if you haven't a counsellor you could try BEAT or ABC helplines - or email ABC for advice as I know the lines are really busy. Keep going.


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