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I don't feel hungry/ What is a healthy weight range for me?

I am in a boarding school. Summer vacation ended and I'm back in school. During the summer vacation I tried to eat right and not starve or binge and I made some improvements. I was happy with that.

It's been a week since school started and I just don't feel hungry. I ate few slices of fruit yesterday and today I ate little boiled potato and I don't feel hungry at all. It's hard to eat because I feel full when I try to eat. I wasn't hungry for a week and my weight dropped by 4 lbs (from 103 lbs to 99 lbs). The decreased number on the scale makes me happy and even less hungry.. what should I do to make myself want to eat?

Plus, I want to know the healthy weight range for me. I'm a 14-year-old girl and I am 5 feet 2 inches. And I'm Asian. I wanted to know because everyone tells me I'm thin and my friend & adults say I need to gain some weight to have enough strength for studying even though I never think I'm thin.

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Sorry to read of your struggles - it must be so hard being at boarding school. Is there a counsellor or nurse at the school you can talk to - or a teacher you would feel able to share with - it sounds as though you need to talk to someone and discuss your feelings and your health - I'm sure you know that just eating a piece of fruit in a day on a long-term basis is not going to be good for your health - so do seek some help and advice.


I totally agree with Crosssticher who replied to you earlier! You are obviously concentrating/obsessing on what you are eating and could well be on the brink of an Eating Disorder?!

I cannot URGE you enough to seek some professional help, or as suggested @ least to speak to someone in the School in authority, who I am sure would be able to help you out?

PLEASE!!! don"t let this obsession get hold of you! I"ve had Anorexia since I was approx 12 years old! I am 54 years old now and still struggling with this insidious, cruel illness!! I have almost lost my life to Anorexia on two occasions, ending up in Intensive Care on Life-support Machine, with complications of Anorexia, my last fright in ICU was just last year!

I am under the care of Specialised High-risk Eating Disorder Team @ a Psychiatric Hospital for a number of years now!! AN has robbed not only me but my whole devoted family to this horrendous illness!!

Seek help NOW before it goes any further, I wish to God that I had listened to someone when I was your age, as I am now housebound, due to the fact I am drastically under-weight, with a BMI so low, if it drops any further, it will be taken out of my hands completely! My Psychiatrist is trying his best to keep me @ home but f I loose any more weight I will become "Section able!" That means he will have NO choice other than to admit me again to Psychiatric Ward for Treatment, which is one of the most horrendous experiences I have EVER been through!!

Any Eating Disorder is extremely dangerous and claims more lives, than all the other Mental Health Illnesses combined!!

At least speak to some one you trust, be honest with them about your feelings ect.

I sincerely pray you don"t go down the route I did?! Please trust me on this one, I wish to God I had never started to restrict foods?! You can get away with too much @ Boarding Schools, I promise you it will only bring you much heartache, pain and regret!!

Sending positive, healing, comforting vibes your way.

In my thoughts and prayers.

Good Luck!! XX

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