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maybe tomorrow

hi i'm a student suffering with bulimia and i've just hit a huge wall. i'm away from home, avoiding my counsellor's calls and i make plans with my friends and then bail out because i don't think i can be around people who don't understand. i've always felt like i need to get over this by myself, and i just don't think i can accept anyone's help. but i just keep telling myself i'll be ready tomorrow but i'm not today. i think i need a pepp talk.

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From what I have learned about Eating disorders is "only you can do it.....but you can't do it alone"

Accept help. Seek people who understand or perhaps help your friends to understand. I have a daughter with an ED. she is at University. One of her friends knows everything it is a great help to her. There is no shame in asking for help.


Ok so here's the pep talk......

Dig deep, pick up the phone, ring your counsellor and make an appointment to see them. Tomorrow is here right now. As the answer above implies, it is so difficult to do it alone, but you have to buy into it. I know you can do it, and that you want to, because you have posted on this forum, so, well done and now you have to take the next step and ring your counsellor.

We are all routing for you and thinking of you,let us know when you have done it.....

Pep talk over.........x



I'm 18; a fresher at uni, my flat don't know and I know that I am getting worse. A lot worse...but I don't really want the help. I don't wanna part with it fully even though I know it's really bad.

I have also taken myself off of my fluoxetine without consent or help from the doctors. I just went cold turkey. It wasn't great but I thought that I want to be "me" again and not medicated.

Please get help. I will do it too; I promise. I know it's scary and it sucks to go back to being observed all the time like a child, but we both know that it's better for us in the long run.

Be kind to yourself. You're never alone x


I had bulimia as a student so know just how you feel - but don't try to tough it alone - tried that and proved it DOES NOT WORK - get back to your counsellor - you may even find the university have specialist counsellors on site - go find out - don't be ashamed for needing help - it shows more courage to ask and accept help than sitting alone with your problem and letting it spiral out of control. You will probably be amazed how many studens around you suffer from EDS of some sort - now I'm more open about my problem a number of friends have admitted to their struggles too - so you certainly aren't alone.

Good luck


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