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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome with AMN Lifestyle

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome with AMN Lifestyle

Finally posting my profile! My name is Chris Kaag and diagnosed near my 21st bday while overseas as a US Marine. I was fortunate to have learned ways to overcome challenges so I find I am more active now than I was before due to wanting to redefine to myself and others how you can still live a rewarding and fulfilling life, just modified. Married to my wife Gretchen and we have a 4 year old son. Would welcome any questions or visits if you're near eastern PA in regards to fitness and adaptive methods to maintain healthy lifestyle that will aid in dealing with AMN

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Hi Chris! Just checked out (and 'liked' :-) your websites - what a great job you're doing! I'm a symptomatic carrier (using walking aid) but also a qualified fitness instructor specialised in exercise and disability. The majority of clients I work with are affected by learning disability - I found that people affected by physical disability (especially if linked to chronic disease) are the most challenging to get on board. I understand the psychological and practical implications are very different (hey! I'm one of them...). Also, where learning disability is supported by trusts and charities that provides for everything - especially the logistic, physical disability is often the concern of the individual, with the isolation vicious circle that derives. This is surely true here in the UK, so that's what I'm working on. Unfortunately I'm far too east of eastern PA :-) but definitely I'll keep an eye and share what you're doing there. 👍🏻

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Hi Chris! Your work is inspirational! Thank you for posting.

I will bookmark your sites.

All the best,


Hi Chris,

Like you, my dad was a Marine and I've been harboring and manifesting the words "Adapt and Overcome". It has made me much more positive, grateful and increased my endurance at the gym while challenging my AMN symptoms. Thanks for posting!


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