AMN Women - anyone self-catheterizing?

I've just returned from my annual exam at KKI and they've performed additional testing to support the opinion that I should self-cath. Are there any other women with AMN that do this? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the process.

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  • I do x

  • Thanks for responding! If I may ask ~is it something that takes 'getting used to"? Do you maintain any natural use of your bladder or is it all via the catheter? How long have you been doing self-cath? Does it hinder your lifestyle at all?

    I appreciate your response!


  • I started 3 weeks ago I cried and cried never thought I would master it now I don't even think about it, however I not used it away from home not ready for that so it does have a say in your life - once your master it it's fine that's the hard hit x

    I have however had constant infection so been on antibiotics since December x

  • I was cathing several years ago but stopped due to constant UTI's even though I was very careful. I found just sitting an extra 2 minutes helped immensely with fully emptying the bladder.

  • I guess this will be one step at a time for me! I have to go off my bladder meds first and then see about the cathing. Thanks for responding! This will be a big step for me!

  • I know you inquired about women, however I thought I would share my experience.

    Last year, I had to start as urine was backing up into my kidneys and causing them to start to fail. I honestly love it. Haha. For years I was never completely emptying my bladder. I was only able to go when it was essentially overflowing.

    I also take Myrbetriq which helps essentially to calm the bladder so it doesn't spasm at all. I can now go the whole night without any incontinece (which had been a terrible issue for years)

    I actually have to ensure that I remember to catheterization throughout the day - I may have the urge, but nothing leaks out now! It is such a wonderful relief. In regards to in public- Just carry a bag with you with supplies. Of course ensure that you have hand sanitizer so as to decrease the risk of infection.

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