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Natural cancer therapies worked for me

Natural cancer therapies worked for me

I joined a support group in Feb 1993 (after a diagnosis of Invasive Lobular Breast cancer,age 44). The women there were wonderful, but horrified that I wouldn't be doing chemo due to Multiple Chemical Sesitivity. I stated then that "there must be alternatives". When I thought about what I said, I realized I wanted to do 'alternative therapies'. I spent many years finding out about the many other possibilities. I got healthier and healthier but had many tumors - 9 in the breast, 14 AFTER mastectomy. I discovered though, that the dietary changes, dietary supplements, exercise and other things I did, caused the cancer cells to slow in growth to be slower than normal cells.

I began to think that what I did could help the women and men with cancer through the horrid Adverse effects of conventional treatment. I founded Annie Appleseed Project to share all the information I found around these concepts. There are many studies, almost none at Level I, the type of large-scale trials Pharma funds for their drugs.

So what? Many people with cancer now think these ideas have merit. People all over the world are exploring their options using evidence-based studies, articles and concepts.

If you do the math, you can see I am now a 23 year + survivor, and as I often say: "I am not special".

Some things work some of the time for some of the people, with Many Paths to Wellness. Explore along with me from our Facebook page, website, more-or-less monthly e-newsletter (opt-in), YouTube page or Twitter @annieappleseed.

We are an all-volunteer nonprofit (no staff, no salaries). We host an annual cancer conference with speakers, giveaways, organic food, fresh-made organic juices, etc. The next one (our 11th) is scheduled for March 2-4, 2017 in West Palm Beach, FL.

I and my nonprofit welcome your questions and feedback.

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Hooray for other Pathways for Cancer Therapy and your recovery! I am a 10yr Colon Ca survivor with "consequences" Consequences of adhesions and some mysterious excursion that was created in my abdomen. I am looking into lysis of adhesions with laser. Having a "litigious" abdomen is making it difficult to assess what is really there for me. This is where I am in my journey and am working with a holistic MD now. Hoping for a better day everyday!

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I found that the external use of (organic) cocoa butter rubbed in once a day for 3 months, reduced internal scar tissue and may be worth a try. I also had lasers on the original external scar. Definitely softened it.