I'm new here and feel nobody on earth can help me!

I used to be really strong and super fit but nearly 40 years of struggling with chronic migraine at least 4 days a every week has gradually weakened me along with mysterious fatigue type bouts of illness which no doctor can seem to get to grips with. I've had blood in my urine, on and off, for over 10 years that urologists cannot seem to understand and this lays me low with chills, low fever and pain around my right kidney and lower back area but when my urine and blood is tested they say no infection is present. To make matters worse I was diagnosed with a pre-cancer melanoma (Lentigo Maligna) under my left eye and in April had to have a major operation with slow MOHS Surgery which has left some scarring but worse than that I also had a basal skin carcinoma on the end of my nose had penetrated quite deep into my skin so another major operation with MOHS Surgery in early July which has left me really facially scarred with a big lump of ugly raised skin near my nose so I am horribly disfigured now. Also I have diverticulitis flare ups and am on a very restricted diet with no fruit or vegetables as I get terrible diarrohea. I've seen gastroenterologists and urologists and had CT Scans with contrast but nobody can help me. I am now so ill with all the worry, pain, trauma and feeling so fatigued. I wake exhausted and often just to back to bed and sleep. I am so ill I don't know what to do. I don't have any kind of social life at all, I've not been out with friends for nearly 2 years and feel so sad and depressed. I don't think there is a doctor in the world who can help me. I do know I'm very low on Vit.D3 and possibly a bit low on Vit.B12 but when I take supplements they give me diahorrea and more migraines. I feel at rock bottom now with no hope of getting better. My friends have stopped bothering with me as I am alway ill and they are so fit, I'm sure they think I am a hypochrondriac! I have actually stopped telling people how ill I am now as it's embarrasing, I just hide away from the world. I just felt I needed to tell somebody how hopeless and helpless I feel. I don't see much point in living like this to be honest. Thanks for listening ......

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  • *Sending you a warm hug*

  • Pls pray to Jesus and Visit church every sunday and keep praying as well read th holy bible.. god bless...

  • Thank you so much Saikumarr for responding to my post of about three months ago. How kind of you to send me a message. I think I am fractionally better thank you after being being on low dose antibiotics for a month. I do feel a bit stronger but life is still a struggle. I am a believer and I'm sure the Lord is with me and helps me to cope with each day. I just wanted to thank you for such kind words and how much I appreciate your getting in touch, it means such a lot. Bless you x