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Give life a chance

Hi. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer Mar 4 2014. Non small cell carcinoma. Had all kinds of chemo then they said it was now also squamas don't even know if that is spelled correctly. Continued with chemo, saw an ad in TV for Opdivo, my son saw it at the same time in another state n called me n said Mom we must check this out. That was Feb of this year, my cancer is non curable shrinkable n able to live with it for a certain lengthy of time yes since I'm on Opdivo I have had shrinkage in all tumors very little side effects at this time. If you are given the chance to take Opdivo do you surely have everything to gain by taking it. Ask you Dr about it. I did after I saw the ad. Have faith God is with us all even if the researchers aren't


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Reipod50 - Reading your post does give encouragement to folks like me that have lung cancer. However, I have been in a clinical trial at Johns Hopkins using drugs in this category, but complications put me out. However, I am still getting chemo and my tumors appear to have stopped growing.

The most I can hope for is just more time. I was given 6 months to a year back in January 2016, so from where I sit, so far, I am not doing too awful. I do hope to have more time with my wonderful wife and family. But, I am just a rider on this adventure. I will take what I am given, and pray for a few more months.

Thank you for your post, I hope to follow you as you find more to post about.

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