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Survival of Thyroid Cancer

Hi, I am a Newby. 2007 I just graduated professional driving 18 wheeler) school, had a new job lined up for the end of March. I had a lump in my throat and thought nothing of it. It was monitored all that year by a specialist. I had to resign from the adventure I wanted to explore and taste.

They did all kinds of tests and then in December they did a biopsy of my Thyroids because they said it could be cancer. What a scarey word. That was the hardest wait, for my results, not the biopsy.

In January I was told that I had cancer on my right side. Isolated. They scheduled it a couple weeks later. My doc took the whole right side. Whats even worse is my doc putting me under the knife again to take out the other side. Recuperating was hell! If anyone knows what it's like. The tape they used broke me out and I could not get it off my skin. Medical facilities will only use paper tape, they won't get near me with reg. adhesive. It is on my chart.

The thing is though, I have read that if you get both taken out then your TSH lever is easier to regulate. For the past 3 years it has been bouncing like a yo-yo. I am going to an Endocrinologist finally living in the city I am now(resident for 3 years).

I wish that I would have said no with the left one taken out especially with the cancer being an isolated spot on my right.

Oh, you live and you learn after everything is said and done! LOL!!