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American Bone Health: Osteoporosis

Helpful Resources

Fracture Risk Calculator

The FORE Fracture Risk CalculatorTM estimates fracture risk for postmenopausal women and men over age 45. Take the test to determine your risk of bone fracture or help someone you love learn their risk.


Bone Health Hotline

A new diagnosis of osteoporosis can be frightening. We will listen to your situation and concerns and help you sort through your options. Having a friend who knows about bone health can give you a better sense of control over your own bone health.

Call 888-266-3015

Downloadable Materials

Talking With Your Doctor About Bone Health at Your Check-up

Prepare for your upcoming doctor visit with these helpful questions!


Calcium and Vitamin D: Dynamic Duo for Bone Health

Learn more about calcium, vitamin D, lactose intolerance, and how to reach your recommended daily goal without overdoing calcium!


Do It Right and Prevent Fractures

Staying fit and protecting your bones is part of healthy aging. Exercise and activity can be a natural part of your daily routine. So choose the right exercises for you and enjoy the benefits.


One page handout version: americanbonehealth.org/wp-c...

Drills for Desk Warriors

If you spend time at your desk hunched over your work, incorporating some regular posture drills can help relieve stress, maintain alignment and stretch the muscles that support your bones.


How To Read a Nutrition Label

Not sure how much calcium is in your favorite foods? Here’s how to read a nutrition label and sample meals to reach your recommended daily allowance!


Medications That Cause Bone Loss

Are you on medication that can cause bone loss or contribute to osteoporosis? Take a look at this handout on common medications that can affect your bones.


Stepping Out Strong

This exercise plan will help improve balance, increase hip strength, and improve your range of motion. Stay strong and healthy and reduce your chance of falls.