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Hi guys,

I wanted to take the time to thank the administrators of this site for the professionalism and compassion they show in overseeing this site. They are quick to respond to our concerns, respond to almost every single "newbie", and, maybe most importantly, keep the spammers away. Those of you who haven't participated in other boards don't know what a blessing that is.

I've been a member of two or three other boards and, without fail, they have either withered and died from neglect or been overrun by spammers as was the case at the last board I was active in (until last week), the support forums. They had only recently become active again and we're becoming a very good place to exchange ideas and gain new insights. About a month ago spammers started flooding the board. I was getting 25-30 notices a day of replies which would turn out to be spam. Eventually there were no true forum participants posting anymore. Complaints to administration did little, they were working on it but had few options or personnel to fight them at the moment. Most of these people are volunteers and I understand they have time constraints, believe me, some of us truly understand limited time, but it's a game the inability to stop these bots killed a good thing.

I give all of this as an example of what our board could be without its competent, caring leadership. So, lets all pause for a moment today and say a sincere thank you for a job well done. Thank You!👍🏼👍🏼


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My sentiments as well.