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I say nervous because I have my second appointment with the neurologist this Monday 5/2. My insurance denied coverage for seeing a neuropsychologist, but my neurologist stepped up for me, which I really appreciate.

I have a couple of new symptoms. I have a really strange persistent metallic taste in my mouth. It has been about two weeks so far. Really strange.

Another new symptom is visual. I wake up at night to go to the bathroom, and just as I awake I open my eyes and my visual field sort of jumps around. It's like I magnify my visual and then it adjusts quickly to "normal". It's very difficult to explain accurately.

I just began taking Trazadone for chronic insomnia. Maybe the new symptoms are connected, although there's no mention of them in the possible side effects. I

I had an MRI abt 6 months ago, showing a couple of hyper illuminated small strike sights. Now I worry about needing another mri.

I've read about Lewy body syndrome (not sure that's spelled right).

Anyone else have similar progressive symptoms?


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You do have an interesting set of symptoms, with the metallic taste and sudden visual changes. Since you are going for an MRI (and have had one before), my sense is your neurologist is looking for changes in vascular function within the brain -- vascular impairment can mimic symptoms much like Lewy Body Disease.

All the best to you.


Katiebeth -- A metallic taste in my mouth was the first symptom of my kidney disease. A doctor can diagnose kidney disease through a blood test. I follow a kidney friendly diet and am doing well. You might want to ask your doctor whether testing for kidney disease is recommended for you.


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