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Just venting

Wife''s situation now requires 24/7 care as she started having nightmares and panic attacks in the middle of the night. I can't imagine what would happen if someone wasn't with her to help comfort her and help her relax. I use to be able to get away for one or two nights occassionally, but no longer. Facilities are not an option nor is 24 hour care by paid caregivers. Our two adult children don't live nearby and aren't particularly interested in babysitting mom anyway. I'm still relatively healthy and feel like doing things and going places which makes it all the more frustrating. I love this woman dearly and am thankful I can care for her but it is a challange. Thanks for allowing me to vent. Would love to hear from those with similar situations.

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This is my second year of caring for my Dad 24/7. If there were a way he would tolerate additional caregivers besides me it would be a dream come true.


I am in a similar situation, Chuck08, caring for my husband of 37 years, but still am able to leave him for a few hours now and again, when I simply have to get out and walk at a normal pace instead of the slow shuffle, enjoy a coffee with friends or just wander in the mall, window-shopping. Since 2013, I have not expected him to last to the end of the year, but here we are in 2017, with him getting steadily weaker and more confused and frustrated, nothing I can do to change that. I feel my life is on hold. I am waiting... and not for a good event. We dare not look into the future. We just have to carry on doing what we can.


Thank you for sharing Gervan. My wife has been progressively deteriorating for over two years. At times I didn't think she'd make it thru the night yet she is still with us. She has zero quality of life and her situation has a profound effect on her family's quality of life as well. Yet we continue caring for the one we love while our lives are on hold awaiting the inevitable. Life can be so cruel at times. Thanks again.


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