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I'm so tired

I don't mean to complain, it's really not in my nature, but it's been a personally horrible week. I've been in a terrible fog, nothing has been clear, things I see have not been what I thought they were, and getting my thoughts from my brain to speech has proven to be almost impossible. To be clear, this is nothing new, not even close. But what is new and is so tiring when it goes along with the fog is that nearly every joint in my body aches. The ache started in my lower back then generalized, and finally settled in my hips . I can find no way to become comfortable. And worse, I can't take NSAIDs. I have little doubt they would provide relief if I could take them. Other than the aches, I don't have any signs of infection, cold, or flu.

Im sorry for this depressive post. There's really no point to it other than a chance for me to vent. I'm just foggy and ache. And tired!


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Hi Randy,

Not being able to relieve discomfort is very aggravating. :/ If NSAIDs are off the table, are you able to take a muscle relaxant?

Structured meditation/relaxation techniques (deep breathing exercises, etc.) can be helpful for many people, but there's a learning curve before the are effective.

Hope these ideas help.



Good afternoon Christian,

Thank you so much for your reply. As a medication rebound migraine sufferer I haven't taken pain meds in over nine years. This isn't the reason I can't take NSAIDs. But having gone through the iMATCH program at the Cleveland Clinic, I am very familiar/proficient with relaxation techniques and biofeedback. They do help a great deal most of the time. But not this time.

As for the muscle relaxers, I'm not sure. It's been a long time since I've tried any and I tend to have paradoxical reactions to drugs such as these of late so I have been hesitant to attempt them. I know it doesn't make sense but they even cause a good deal of agitation/anxiety.

Thank you again for you reply and suggestions. It's good to know someone out there cares.



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