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Getting out of the house

Re: Poll about how often do you get out of the house? I didn't respond to the poll because I am not the patient, but here's what happened with my late husband who had Alzheimer's. Although he refused to step out our ground floor garden apartment, his hospice nurse forced him to walk with her, "assuring" me she was trained to "take him down" if he became combative. He was terrified. On returning, the nurse told me the disease distorted his vision so he was unable to distinguish the sidewalk from the grass. When he was placed in a nursing home, he refused to look out the window at the courtyard. May he rest in peace.

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I get out once a week maybe twice if I am lucky. With Spring coming I will be able to enjoy my yard. It has not bothered me because someone is always contacting me. I try to adjust without getting to upset. I appreciate what ever I can do.

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