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Please Give Your Input: Caregiver Guide for People Living with Early to Late Stage Alzheimer's


Hello All,

Please provide your input on the following outline for an "owner's guide" of sorts for family and caregivers of people living with any stage of dementia (hat tip to @katiebethpdxsea for her work on this).

See the sections listed in ALL CAPS below -- what other sections make sense? Would a pdf of the document with pictures be useful? Please add your comments in the "Reply" area. Thanks, Christian


Having been diagnosed with the first stage, or beyond, cognitive difficulties, I want to let whoever is taking care of me know some of my likes and dislikes. This is a guide for you to know simple everyday stuff about me that I may no longer be able to tell you about.


FOOD - nothing spicy. Peppers and especially hot peppers are not for me. depending on my physical abilities, I like soup, especially tomato soup. Also like grills cheese sandwich. Hamburgers are always a favorite. I like 1 cup of coffee with lots of creamer (so it looks like a creamy light tan) with sugar, or if it's the sweetened kind of creamer that's best. Scrambled eggs for breakfast. No fried or hard boiled egg ever.

ENTERTAINMENT - Funny TV shows, talk shows, news, cooking channel, national geographic, HGTV, nature shows. I like to go outside and watch nature.

Talk to me - even though I may not be able to talk or maybe I don't make sense, I like to listen to conversation.

People - I like people. I like to watch people. Like in a shopping mall.

HOBBIES: I like to draw, so you might give me pencils and paper. I love to look at magazines. I have always loved to read books.

MUSIC: love almost every kind of music (no country). smooth Jazz and jazz fusion are my fav.

Even though you may think you know everything there is to know about me.. Some of the little stuff is what can make people uncomfortable.

IDIOSYNCRASIES - I don't wear jewelry, and can't tolerate anything tight on my wrists. So no watch, bracelets or tight cuffs.I also have difficulties with loud noises - especially loud noises overhead.

From Kathie:

"Okay everyone on this blog... I took a run at what a pre-nup (sort of) might look like. I don't see any sense in being too detailed. Just simple everyday stuff that I find positive or negative. Please take What you like from this and disregard what you don't like. I would like to hear your ideas. Let's do something positive together."

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