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Wif with dementia and mult. other problems

My wife of 50 plus years was dx with dementia 12 years ago. she was put on Exelon to slow down the progression of the disease. she has been pretty much self sufficient until approx 2 yrs ago when started to decline physically as well as mentally. she has multiple other problems including heart disease, neuropathy, urinary and bowel incontinence, etc. Mostly stemming from her treatment several years for stage 4 colorectal cancer. she goes from being able to correctly answer Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be a Million questions to not knowing how old she is or her birthdate. I love her dearly but what a challange. Primarily because I 'm still physically and mental able and willing to travel and do other things besides saying home being a caregiver. I could go on and on but I guess I've vented long enough for now.

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I was in a similar situation with my husband. He had dementia and several physical conditions. I was his loyal caregiver for more than three years when his/my hospice team finally convinced me that if I didn't place him in a skilled nursing facility, I would be endangering my life. Give yourself permission to place your wife in a facility where she will receive the care she needs.

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Thanks for the note. Although I know there are numerous others in like situations, it is comforting to hear from others. My wife is under Hospice care however her condition is not yet considered terminal. She has many of her faculties still intact and knows and communicates with me, our two adult children, and other relatives. It's her debilitating physical condition as well as her dementia issues. I have to bath her, prepare all meals, house cleaning, laundry, giving her meds, etc etc. To complicate matters I recently went thru a 5 vessel bypass. I'm okay now and can do what needs to be done, but I would like to get away for a couple days once in a while. Financially, a facility would be out of the question anyway.


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