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We need help with bathing!!!!

We are caring for an 80 yr old disabled retired vet w/Alzheimer's. We do well with all but shower time. Please, we are looking for someone to help with this 3 to 4 times a week. We live in the littlerock, pearblossom, CA area, 93553. If we dont get help with this he has no options, no family... Only the VA. Weve been through alot with him and will help him as long as its a good thing. Not bathing. Not good. Would love someone to start helping today. Tomm. Asap

Thank you in advance for any solutions.

Looking for a way,


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Have you explored all services offered by the VA? They offer many possibilities.


We need to get help to get him into an appt. To have have his primary fill out the necc. Paperwork to qualify for and start ball rolling for ihss. These are the 2 biggest hurdles.


Going anywhere

He's not interested.

Thank you for your time & suggestions.


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Hello Sunshiine,

I recently hired help through Home Instead Senior Care (just google them). I cannot tell you how truly satisfied I am with the very high quality of care that my helper provides for my 86 year old father with severe AD. She will shower him or bed bathe him depending on his condition on any given day. When I first contacted this agency I had an emergency situation and needed someone right away. I called the agency at about 11 am, the director came out to my house in about an hour to take care of paperwork, and I had help starting that afternoon. I could not be more pleased. I believe they will work with the VA regarding payment if this person is eligible. I hope this helps. Best of luck.


I signed in with them awhile back, and couldn't find anyone online that seemed right, hence, dropping the ball. Must look again.

Thank you for sharing your experience. With us.



This is so hard and can cause stress on the part person with Alzheimer's as well as the family. Often Veterans are eligible for aid and attendance funds that can be used for home care services that can help with bathing. That may take a little bit of time to put in place due to the paperwork but in the meantime a homecare agency who could send out someone who could "show you the ropes" of how efficiently it can be done. It is so worth it to get some guidance. If you find someone who can come into the home every other day at the beginning of the day it can be a blessing and the aid and attendance funds if they are available can be used to pay for those services. Good luck.

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That's a good idea...some rope. With the bathing issue, efficiency is absolutely needed Thank you all for you thoughts and suggestions. We're applying a bit of each.

Thank you

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Welcome to the community. In addition to the jaykay's suggestion to contact the VA, there is a local caregiver support group in Pearblossom: thecaregiversvoice.com/abou...

All the best.


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