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Dyeing white regrown hair?

My earlier question asked about dyeing the white re-grown hair.

I currently look a bit like a Friesian cow, dyed dark hair with white patches! I'm considering letting my natural hair return to grey but it's not an attractive grey - just looks dirty. I thought that if the new hair is capable of taking colour I could have the whole lot dyed a 'pretty' grey. The only other alternative would be a wig. I am losing hair from around the crown and would say that about one third of my hair has gone so It's becoming a bit urgent.

My hairdresser knew very little about the condition the last time she cut my hair so I'd love to hear from someone who has tried it!

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Hi Gadget1943,

You can dye white regrowing hair but I would suggest you use an ammonia free hair dye, something like naturals by boots or henna dye. I think a lot of the bigger selling brands also do ammonia free hair dyes but it's been a long time since I had hair to think about dying it.

Hope that helps.



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