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My Apology To You


I would like to apologise for the diet blog and the things i said on it that was on here earlier. I have now deleted this blog myself and it was not the administrator. I have been reading the comments of the user Bill on the other forum and I see now he is trying to cause trouble and I fell for it.

I will think very hard about what I have been told about diet on the internet by GAM and Jane, I think this may be silly what i have been told and not true. I will speak with my doctor about all advice I have had about diet on the internet and will not listen to anymore of this and only take advise from my doctor from now.

My deepest apologies to Jackie and all the Alopecia UK community for the trouble I have caused you here tonight. I am very ashamed of my behaviour it was not my intent to cause you trouble on your forum i really believed what I had been told about diet and was excited about this. Sorry for my english i am from Nigeria visiting my family in the uk who told me about GAM and Jane who they had heard of in regard to alopecia and i went and read the websites and got carried away with what was written. People should not say things unless they know them to be true it is not fair.

Please do not post any comments to this message Bill and just stop this now this place is to help people not fight them.


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Hi Tania, we have a very complex disease that feeds of a lot negative emotion and you are only trying to understand why and what has happened to you and also deal with it, and of course, naturally your family will by trying to look after you and help find an answer. Diet does play an important role for our health and before radically changing your diet it's always wise to seek input from your gp.

Please stay in touch.




Like the blog above, diet is very important for our health and well being, but has NOTHING to do with this rotten condition, we are all searching for answers but as yet there doesnt seem to be any.


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