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Welcome to the Alopecia UK group.


Welcome to the Alopecia UK group. This group is for peer support; sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences around alopecia, hopefully helping yourself and each other.

The Alopecia UK team will strive to answer any unanswered questions within this forum and signpost people towards relevant support, but please remember that any specific health questions should be taken to your GP or Dermatologist. If you would like to have a chat with one of the Alopecia UK team to discuss services or for support questions please call on 0800 1017025, open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

When using this forum please adhere to the following rules:

•Please do not post anything that could be interpreted as self-publicity or business selling (including spamming – posting the same or similar message in many discussions), advertising (including pyramid selling and chain letters), or soliciting.

•Please be kind– for example, no sending or posting of material that is indecent, racist or sexist, harassing, threatening or abusive towards another community member.

•Please do not recruit for media, casting, photography or research study opportunities in this group. If you are looking to recruit participants for any such project, you must get in touch with Alopecia UK: info@alopecia.org.uk Any recruitment adverts for participants posted without permission will be deleted.

Please be aware that any user that posts anything of this nature may have their account restricted and will be unable to post on the community

Please note - Alopecia UK does not endorse the products or services of any one supplier. Any recommendations made in the group are not endorsed by Alopecia UK.

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