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Hello! I’m new to this forum, I recently lost all of my hair due to a underlying systemic disease.

I brought a wig in November, it was a lot of money but already the hair is broken and thinned completely :(

Can anyone recommend a good site for wigs, real human hair?

Thank you , I hope you all have a blessed new year xx

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Hi have you checked with your consultant as I think you should be entitled to wigs on prescription. I get 2 per year as I have lost all of my hair due to alopecia. I do have to pay a charge but it’s a lot less than buying the wigs myself. Also, mine are provided by a specialist shop - the prescription is sent electronically to them from the hospital - I can try on and select what I feel happy with and they are fitted to me. I also find the artificial hair wigs are very durable and easy to wash, I have had 2 Amore wigs by Rene of Paris and am very happy with them. Hope this helps.


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