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hello everybody, my name is Rachit.I am 17 years old suffering from a strange problem😔.I don't what it is,but whenever I comb my hair after taking a bath,i notice wet flakes on my comb.I had shiny,thick strong hair,but now I am on the verge of getting bald.It sucks!!! Some people told me that it is dandruff but honestly speaking i know that dandruff gives dry flakes and when it comes to me,I don't observe any dry flakes,once my head gets dried up.Pllllllleeeeeaaaaaaassssseeee..help me.I feel very depressed.A last info which I want to provide you guys is that I didn't oil my hair for long and this long means abot 4 years.Yes,I know that it is a mistake, but I'm not sure of it that whether this is the reason for my condition.

-Thank you

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Hi I'm sorry, Have you tried apple cider vinegar to wash hair out using cotton balla. To dap sounds like yeast on the scalp. to much yeast in body b will come through on top


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