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Update: still no sign of any hair and I have lost all of my eyelashes on one eye now (same eye as the brow I have lost). It's really getting me down. I bought some Eylure natural false lashes (Number 20) but I got into a terrible mess trying to apply them and gave up in the end which upset me. I don't know how teenagers wear them all the time although they probably have better eyesight than me, I'm not very good without my glasses! I have another appointment on 07/12 so will ask if there is anything I can try. I'm having a bad day today after the eyelash fiasco, the whole alopecia thing is really getting to me.


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Hello Elainejaybird1, I sympathise and hope that my story will help you. I've had frontal fibrosing alopecia now for roughly 7 years. I've been told that it's part of an auto-immune condition I have - with the immune system destroying hair follicles. I'm 74, but still mourn for my lovely thick hair that used to be. I really feel for you, losing an eyebrow and eyelashes. Losing my eyebrows was the first thing that happened to me and it looked so weird, it really bothered me. I spent ages drawing them in to look as natural as possible but often caught my reflection in a mirror to find half an eyebrow missing or smudged and I did try lots of expensive products. At the age of 70, I went to see a lovely girl in Glasgow who expertly tattooed new eyebrows for me, they're very realistic. It really was the best thing I have ever done, having eyebrows back made a huge difference to my confidence. I have lost a good 2 - 3 and a half inches of my frontal hairline to well behind my ears. The left side is much worse than the right. My hairdresser does a good job - she cuts my hair to fall forward and I have a full fringe. If I lose more from the left side though it will become more difficult to hide and I'll have to consider wearing a suitable hair piece. Try to keep positive, not everyone has a lasting condition. At my age I don't expect that my hair will recover but many younger women have regrowth of hair and surely in time there will be an effective treatment for female baldness. Lots of love, be happy. Gardner646


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