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Hi, I'm new here!

HI, I'm new to this group but not to alopecia. MY 18 year old son has had alopecia since he was around 7 years old. We have tried many treatments and seen many specialists. Nothing has really worked well but ill tell you my son is an incredible young man and he is happy with himself the way he is and he even tries to educate those people who don't know about alopecia. Many people think he has cancer and a lot of kids/.adults are so rude but we are used to it. Hope to learn and help out however I can.

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You may find that joining the Closed Group on Facebook, is more active than this site. It was set up for a particular reason, but never really took off. There is also a firum on the main AUK site.


The guys at Alopecia UK are very good, they have local support groups which can be a great help.

We have worked with a number of people living with alopecia recently, as scalp micro pigmentation camouflages the condition and gives the appearance of hair. We'd be happy to discuss this further with you if it's of interest.


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