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New and itching

I am a 65 year old woman who lost 98-99%^ of my hair over the past 2 months. At first I had burning and itching spots on my scalp and those patches of hair fell out. The burning and itching continues to move over my entire scalp and hair came out i9n handfuls, until I have a very small section on the top of my head with very very thin hair left. The itching continues here but that hair is not falling out. Does anyone have experience or suggestions regarding shaving off the remaining hair? Would this eliminate the crazy itching, or do I need to let it take it's own course?

I appreciate any input or suggestions as the hair loss has been shocking and depressing; and the side effects of itching are making me crazy.

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Have you had a diagnosis of the kind of alopecea ? Itching and burning is a symptom of Frontal Fibrosis Alopecea. I have it but my loss is slow and all at the front.

What does your dermatologist say ?



The doctor first diagnosed me as Alopecia Ophiasis, however sincere the hair loss has progressed to the entire scalp-except for one spot on top that has sparse hair- I believe it has gone beyond Ophiasis. I wear a wig, but the itching and burning drive me crazy and I wonder is it will ever end.


I have a basic emoilliant that I keep a small tub in the fridge. Apply to scalp when inching its fabulous!


do you use NON SULFATE SHAMPOOS...HAVE THEY TESTED YOUR FERRITIN SERUM LEVEL..SHOULD BE 80, HAVE they tested your iron, your b12 --you need to be in high normal,, your d3, and do you take vitamin e and fish oil, evening primrose oil and flaxseed oil......all great to return that moisture to can buy cortisol liquid for itching, some even say the bactrium spray for cuts works, i used to have that hot ness and no longer can also take saw palmetto, i do all that...i also test positive for high cortisol that causes make sure you have went to enough drs to get many things tested before you take on a label or diagnosis....bec iti s hard to diagnose hair loss......have you tried nioxil shampoo and conditioner...some people swear by it.... some use vinegar and water rinses , many things to try......i did the coconut oil hair mask too....they help, and remember you can put a cold bag of peas on your head to cool it down when you get that hot sensation and itching which helps...

and believe it or not.....hormone imbalance is one of the things that causes hair loss.......have you had those checked by a bio identical hormone dr

i am on the road to recovery....i had many of the above and then just found out high cortisol too....and i no longer have the hot scalp...and am on bioidentical hormones....and dr said when everything gets back inline...things will be okay i am 55

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Thanks for the information, I am definitely going to try some of your proven methods.


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