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My journey with CBD oil


Hi everyone. Hope you all are managing to have a good day. I wanted to share my experience of cbd oil. As many of you know there is so many different cbd oils and trying to work out which one is the best and what works for you is a mind field. Yes i made the mistake of trying the Holland and Barrett ashtray droplets. Nope not for me. Then a few months back a friend was using cbd oil and was having great results from it. She has ME btw. She was able to wake up by 830am rather then 1130am and reduced her conventional medication. I was impressed but i was worried about the interaction with tramadol. So like many things I left it on the back burner. Then about a month ago I decided I have been on tramadol for years and wanted to come off. I knew i had to be careful with withdrawal symptoms. So started reducing however I noticed my Fibromyaglia was getting worse. Tramadol had done a great job. I had tried so many other drugs this one was best for me. As Fibromyaglia was increasing I had a choice of either going fully back on tramadol or try cbd oil. I researched and with my friends positive outcome tried a CBD oil thats based in the USA. It is peppermint flavour too no more taste of ashtray. It is surprising what you find out when speaking to the right people. Holland and Barrett cbd oil is very weak and not pure form plus is European cbd which isn't the best cbd out there, USA grown is the better one. Its like when you try wines each country's wine tastes different. The one i found is 100% USA produced. It is legal for this country too and is one of the purest forms on the market. I use to suffer with horrendous pains in my feet like walking on nails Within two weeks that had reduced to mild aches that was on only two drops morning and two at night. Today i am only on 25mg of tramadol in morning. Five drops morning, lunchtime and night time. This friday i am hoping to take my last tramadol. I am so chuffed that I am ditching conventional medication. One day this will be on prescription but not for a long time. I just happy to be going au naturale. If you want more information message me or email on

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Interesting I'm on tramadol

Hi Carrie

You wanting to reduce? How much you take a day?

Hi Michelle. Could you let me know where you get your oil from and what strength you use. Thanks Margaret

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