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Do you think we should be strong all the time?


Hi Everyone!

Recently I've heard a lot on the news about how Cancer patients are told to fight all the time and how this could actually not be helping them fight the disease in the long run.

I wondered we are all 'fibromyalgia warriors' but maybe we shouldn't be strong all the time as it may be making low times worse as we feel a failure for not fighting Fibromyalgia. We should be allowed to acknowledge any feelings without feeling a failure and knowing that the road to acceptance can be a continuous cycle as discussed here in the post below;

Everyone's journey is different and we fight it in our own way. It's a balancing act between our mind and body as we live with environmental factors and in life there are stressors which impact on us too. So, I guess what I am saying is letting out emotion should not be considered a sign of failure and we must acknowledge this is part of living with Fibromyalgia. Don't put added pressure on yourself if you see someone else coping with their Fibro as you perceive in a 'better' way, as this may not be the case at all. Many of us put on our Fibro mask to get through the day and not let how we actual feel be known, so don't judge your fight compared to others!

How do you manage to keep balancing mind and body? Any tips for our members, if so comment don't below. Also do you think the term 'fighting Fibro' helps you keep going or can you put pressure on yourself on the days you can't fight it? Let us know your thoughts on this.

Interested to read your replies

Emma :)

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