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PACE Trial to be discussed in Parliament Tomorrow

PACE Trial to be discussed in Parliament Tomorrow

Hi Everyone! :)

The controversial PACE Trial debate will be broadcast live via parliamentary TV TOMORROW (20th February) from 11am -11.30am.

Dr Charles Shepherd (ME Association) will also be in attendance to join the discussion about CBT & GET for people living with #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis as set out by the current #NiceGuidelines #PACETrialDebate

Watch the debate by clicking this link;


AFMCG wrote a letter to our local MP plus so did many others around the country hoping their MP would attend on behalf of the local community living with ME. So, many were advised to do graded exercise therapy which resulted in a severe deterioration in their condition.

To find out more about the devastating effects of GET, please do listen to BBC Radio Scotland talking with ME Research UK & Glasgow MP Carol Monaghan who secured this parliamentary debate of this controversial ME trial.

Listen to the interview by visiting our YouTube channel below;


I look forward to any comments tomorrow


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