Breakdown fibro

I suffered a breakdown from all the pain and depression and everything else list too long after months it all just became too much. They found my thyroid is now abnormal and they still won't do anything and repeat in 6 weeks I'm fed up of feeling so ill the dr has taken me off Amatriptyline and tramadol. And in the middle of my breakdown took me off citalopram but now I'm back on the high dose I just feel really lost with no light. I get so down and I feel selfish for feeling like this xxp

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  • I was given Amitriptyline and it made me feel terrible, like I was faraway and really looking on the worse side of everything. I stopped taking it and although I suffered similar to you, I.e. I think I suffered some sort of breakdown along with all the pain and problems from Fibromyalgia, I still knew I felt better without them. I was given Lyrica to take for fibro and diazepam to help me sleep and stay calm and tramadol for the pain too. It helped me a lot and because my doctor said he wouldn't continue with the diazepam, I have slowly weaned myself down to a quarter at night, where I was previously taking 2 three times a day. It's the hardest thing I've ever done but I didn't want to be addicted and left with no tablets. I totally identify with what you're feeling so know you're not alone. I felt like everything in my life mostly bad memories, passed through my mind and I couldn't stop crying and I certainly couldn't see a way through or the light at the end of the tunnel. I am now facing leaving my job of 17 years and my life has turned upside down. All I can say is, take tiny steps, don't expect miracles and talk talk talk to someone impartial, get everything out of your head, cos the physical pain is bad enough but the emotional pain needs to be brought out before you can even begin to get better. Take care and good luck. xxxx

  • Bless your heart Thankyou so much sounds very similar hugs to you xxx

  • It's nothing I just know you need to hear the words, YOU ARE NOT IMAGINING IT AND NO! YOU'RE NOT GOING MAD AND YOURE NOT SELFISH, so stop feeling guilty. I always feel guilty too. I dont know why, but I find it easier to say this to you than I do for myself, where everyday I feel so guilty cos my husband has to do nearly everything as well as work. But I don't listen to my own advice, strange isn't it.

  • Yes I'm just the same I'm fab at giving the advice. My life is guilt and shame and I feel pathetic the breakdown was a massive wake up call for me. I'm going to try magnesium. I have no energy

  • Hugs hun!! I take a lot of multivitamins, stress vitamins, magnesium, and olive leaf, I am trying to cut down my nortrip for surgery later in year. There is a natural help called 5htp. That helps keep us up lifted.... I started feeling better when I started taking a suppliment with greens In. ... I agree drs don't seem to treat fibro!!

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