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My problem

Iam 23 years old my name is hossin i have a serious problem which is I can't swallow anything easier the idea started when I was 18 years old in the high school when I very weird idea pop to my mind which is what if my saliva goes down and kill me and I started to worry about that thing and also start control saliva in my mouth or spit it until this problem grow up cos now I can't do many activities such playing foot ball and traveling or sett in a cafe with friends because I used to spit it so that I can feel more safe I spend much the alone in home 

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as a short term measure-Are you allowed to chew gum? I find it keeps saliva coming. swallowing sounds like you have a small gullet? maybe you havn,t enough saliva to make food easy to swallow?  eat and drink at same time-water with everything,put food in your mouth chew and suck up water thru a straw whilst the food is in your mouth, SMALL quantites at a time maybe.. good luck


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