Hi all Re PiP

A while ago I was asking about pip and was it worth trying to claim etc.I had quite a lot of positive feedback and went ahead and called on 11 November 2015 and got a face to face 12 febuary 2016 I got awarded the lower part of daily living allowance and have decided not to appeal at this time as im to foggy .

What i want is for everyone is to try to get something the worst thing they can do is say No and you do have the right to appeal. I really did not think i would get anything but i did.

Dont give up just give it a try


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  • Hi Steve, I,m just going thru appeal now! I am getting help from the welfare rights office because of fibro fog.. keep intouch and I,ll let you know if I am successful.. Mt daughther has also filled in part of the forms for me as she does more than I reaslised to help me daily and she spots a lot of diificulties that I have adapted to and shouldn,t really put up with. as I say to everyone else, don't stick the fibro label on everything you can be wrong.

  • I sent as far as you can with appealing my PIP as I was put down from the high rate of mobility to the lower and no personal care.I was lucky as I got help from CB and an Advocacy service connected to mind who also supported me.I won the tribunal but it took 18months!

  • Great you did this, well done it takes tons of energy. Did you get it backdated for the 18 months?

  • I got à year backdated so I was able to have a new chair.I seem to spend my life sat down Pauline

  • I have only been diagnosed with FM last week and as I am a teaching teaching in a boys grammar school I know I will struggle to keep working due to the pains and fatigue. I requested a 4 day timetable for next year, however the principal refused it but instead he was willing to try and give me 3 days instead.

    Financially, 3 days is not viable as we have built a new house and I have 3 boys under the age of 6. I m totally lost knowing where to turn to and wondering could I apply for financial support from PiP- I would be so grateful if someone could offer me some advice as to what is the best approach to this in Northern Ireland and how do I go about it!!!!!!

  • Hi cathy

    There is pip test on line it gives you points for each answer that matches your disability

    Before I applied for pip I did this test and thought I would get some help so I applied and I ended up with lower tear daily living allowance I felt I should have got more but just accepted this ...you have nothing to lose by trying you can't be worse off

    Anyway good luck

  • Ah thanks so much for your reply- I actually completed the PIP test last night and scored to get also lower tier also- now how do I access the necessary firms to complete Steve????

  • Hi

    Just google applying for Pip and the go to the official. Gov page that will give you the number you will speak to someone and they will take all your necessary details your claim will then be backdated to the date of this first telephone call mine took from October to end of February to complete but don't let the time factor put you off as I said before you have nothing to lose

    Good Luck

  • Hi what is pip? Is this in the us? I went 4 yrs on appeals past alj decission to be denied again most likley due to my drs lack of documenting

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