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Hi, I'm just a new member of the group. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in my spine at the beginning of this year. I've been in terrible pain after a traumatic childbirth. In addition I also have bowle damage and chronic nerve damage of the abdominal wall. ive been told that I've developed fibromyalgia after the traumatic birth of my son. Ive been on pain killers for over four years now and recently was given nortriptline which had horrendous side effects. After these I was given duloxetine which left me manic, scared and with strange thoughts of suicide. Has anyone else been thorough the same? I've been on the Internet searching for a drug that will help this pain and have only came across drugs that are used in mental health. It's very bad! And I can't believe the lack of drugs that are on the market.... I've been to pain clinics, phisio, and also tried light exercise or a genial swim and these just flare my pain up. does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi Yvonne

I have only just recently been diagnosed. Amitryptaline and Nortryptaline are both tablets I have been given for pain in the past and affected my blood pressure as well as making me even more forgetful than I am already.

I am currently taking 90mg of Arcoxia which seem to help a bit alongside cocodamol. Have to take omeprazole to protect my stomach though due to acid and bad irritable bowel.

My pain still flares but feels more managable. Hope you find something that works for you soon.


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