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Trouble with Sleeping?

Hi, my wife has suffered with M.E. for many years, and the normal symptoms that you are all familiar with, the pain, the depression, the headaches, the insomnia etc. She regular takes Citalopram, Zopiclone, Sumatriptan and as her Migraine doctor described 'an exotic dose of Gabapentin'.

She will take the Zopiclone for sleep, however, she will never have a completely full night's sleep, she will be restless and thus does not get the benefit of a 'good night's sleep' and my wife does not want to take an increased dose, me on the other hand sleeps like a log, so I am never in the best books,

While having a very slow walk around Hampton Court Flower show this year, we came across a stand for "Conscious Foods", like all exhibitors they were peddling what they could, with promises of the best tasting, healthiest etc etc. However, the gentleman was pushing one particular product "Palmyra Jaggery" as well as a sugar substitute but also an aid to sleep, indicating that "one teaspoon in warm water and you will be asleep in ten minutes" at night. Yes, we were very skeptical, but as my wife was desperate to try anything, we purchased a sample.

Well, the ten minutes claim is rubbish, my wife is not asleep that quickly, but since trying it about a month ago, she has slept through the night completely every night since! I wanted to wait for a few weeks before posting this, but honestly, there is no waking up, she will take it at 2230, be asleep by midnight and sleep through until the morning.

She is still taking the Zopiclone as well, but at some stage she wants to try cutting down to a half-tablet and then nothing, just to see if the Palmyra still does the trick.

She will take the powder with a little Robinson's Orange Barley Water for taste, but the key thing is, she is sleeping through the night.

So if, like me wife, you are desperate for a night's sleep, check out their website for the nearest stockist and try it. I can't promise anything, but just to say it works for her, and knowing how desperate she was, I can imagine others are in a similar position.

Regards Marcus

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Thanks for posting, I've give it a try, got to be better than the amitriptyline I currently take.


Hi does your wife suffer from rls as well, I've been on Tramadol for four years this has helped with the ME but stopped the RLS, Now the doctor has stopped the medication now the RLS is back with vengeance all areas of my body, so is the powder for the ME or the RLS.