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Please help wish our group Crowdwish

Hello Members,

I have made a wish with the relatively brand new website Crowdwish that I stumbled upon and our wish is ;


The concept is similiar to Thunderclap which you may or may not already be aware about, basically you have to get the word our on social media so others agree with your wish and therefore wish it too. If we get loads of votes and get into the 1st position at the time that a 24 hr timer runs out, Crowdwish will do something to help us.

I have suggested that a London Landmark be lit Blue & Purple for May the 12th if possible but if this costs too much they will think of something to help or make a donation or posters etc. They try to help resolve one wish a day and started in January, they've done over 100 acts of kindness to address the wishes that have come first.

Why not join the site, add 'me too' to our wish and make up to 10 wishes yourself well 9 left I believe after agreeing with the above awareness one :P. Still plenty tho', or agree with others wishes that you would like too. Have a browse on the wish list you may find others you want to support (hint hint I've got other Fibro & ME ones on there too :D)

If you're interested in reading Crowdwish blog to see what wishes have been first and read what they've done, here's the link so you can take a look. Sometimes there is freebies you can email to enquire about too, if there is stock left.


sssssh .... I've got a couple of books coming and a poster I think and I'm very appreciative that I was considered for them, I am too. Here's the site


Don't forget to share on social media too and also keep checking in to see how the wishes are doing ! I think it's a great concept by the founder Bill Griffin !

Thank You in advance for your vote


Founder of AFMCG

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