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I wonder if anyone could help explain my latest cardiologist's report to my GP? 1. Coronary artery disease. a.probable angina ( then report

findings from angiogram) 2.Probable paroxysmal SVT ( posisibly paroxysmal AF) then describes 15 beatSVT/AF 24hr monitor and again at a later monitor, brief AF. Apart from the Angina,I have had to look up the abrivations and until recently did'nt understand what was wrong. Still not had any real explanations in plain English. Thanks.

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It can all be crazy confusing, that's for sure. Let me try to help a bit. SVT or supraventricular tachycardia, a rapid beating of the upper chambers of the heart, is a broad term for an abnormally rapid (usually over 100 beats per minute) heart beat that comes from a place above the ventricles (the lower chambers of the heart) Under this umbrella of arrhythmias are disorders like A Fib or atrial flutter. In Atrial flutter, the heartbeat is up to 4x the normal rate but it is a REGULAR heartbeat. A Fib is the most common rhythm disorder and the hallmark is that it is Fast + IRREGULAR.

So looking at your report to your GP it says that most likely along with your coronary artery disease you do have a paroxysmal (coming and going) rhythm disorder of your heart that is consistent with atrial fibrillation and it only showed up briefly a couple times, including 15 beats of AF on your monitor that you wore for 24 hours.

They may suggest you wear an event monitor for a month to follow up.

I hope that helps a little. Best to you Kernow. Be well!


Thanks for that, it's all a bit much to take in at once really,let alone having a bad reaction to some of my meds (told to stop drinedarone yesterday after five months), I feel like I've copped the lot in one go.


Yes, it is a LOT to take in all at once. Some of the rhythm control meds can be very hard to tolerate. Changing meds can be tough for sure . I'm sure you have to feel frustrated, scared, and overwhelmed with a new diagnosis. Take heart (no pun intended) from all the people here to support you who live with similar problems and live well in spite of it all.


If sounds like the doctor did not take the time to explain his/her findings. Why not ask for a complete explanation, along with expected prognosis and treatment options?


Hi there, Yes that's a plan. Having now discovered this site, and all the info and experiences on it, I have to say it was like having a light turned on! I now know enough to start asking a hell of a lot more. I think like a lot of people I hadn't ever heard of most of this stuff, and I was stunned to be told "you've got coronary artery disease" anything else sort of went over my head.Have appointment with cardio soon so have a list of questions ready.


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