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Investigating modified maze

Long story short: diagnosed paroxysmal AF in 2000 (48 year old, fir etc); treated with sotolol; minor stroke 2007, anticoagulants not prescribed; second minor stroke 2010, anticoagulants commenced; persistent AF 2014, treated with cardioversion (DCRx2) and drugs (calcium channel blockers etc), unsuccessful; first ablation early 2015, paroxysmal AF redeveloped DCR unsuccessful; second ablation early 2015; return to paroxysmal AF then persistent AF over next few months, DCR unsuccessful.

So now in persistent AF, feel very ordinary. The EP cardiologist assures me that checks during ablation procedures confirm that the pulmonary veins have been electrically isolated from the atria. So, it is likely that the source of the problem is elsewhere. Now I'm waiting for a referral to a cardiothoracic surgeon to investigate a modified maze procedure. Not sure that I am ready for a trans-sternal entry and long recovery so thinking about a more minimally invasive approach.

Not sure what the message is here but thought the story might be useful to someone.


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Thanks for sharing that with us, robboian. I know you aren't on your own in facing the prospect of surgery. In fact all of us with AF know we are potentially following the path that you've already been some of the way along and we wonder what's ahead.


Whatever you decide is right for you I do hope you can find relief from your current situation. This heart stuff is a real hassle.

Take your time with your decision and learn all you can about the possible procedure. I hope someone on the forum had some relevant experience to share with you.

All the best.



Hi Robboian

Thanks for that info and I am sure it would be useful to many

I must admit, in my ignorance I thought that the whole reason for even contemplating the surgical ablation was that the pulmonary veins could be more easily fully encircled and isolated from the outside, so if your vein is already isolated then why surgical?

I mean there is "min-maze" which is the internal version available is there?

Be well




The modified maze procedure involves ablation of the atriaventricular junction on left and right sides plus an addition couple of ablations to compartmentalise the atria. Si it is more extensive than pulmonary vein ablation and tries to get other rogue sources of contraction.


Thanks Robboian

good to learn things



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