Atrial Tachycardia ,Atrial Fibrillation or both ?

After a 7 day monitor and stress test with an ECG in Nov.'12 I was diagnosed by the cardiologist with Atrial Tachycardia.I then saw an electrophysiologist who suggested he would do an EP Study.I then had another ECG ( after an emergency trip to A. & E. with a minor stroke) in Feb '13 which showed paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation and flutter.. After that I saw the electrophysiologist again who has now booked me in for an atrial fibrillation ablation.So many questions to ask and didn't ask this one.Perhaps one of you could help me.

Do I have A.T. and A.F.? If so would A.F. ablation sort out both at the same time or would there need to be another procedure ? Or would the orginal diagnosis of wrong and it was A.F.all the time.Has anyone else got both ? I've not read of anyone else mentioning both together.


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  • I have had Atrial tachycardia, AF, & atrial flutter over a couple of days whilst in hospital & not responding to meds . At that time I had a DC Cardioversion which put me straight for a while. I am having my 3rd ablatio in 12 days time during which my EP intends to treat both my A/flutter ( a relatively easy procedure I believe) & also try to eliminate the cause of my AF.

  • Thanks .You have answered my question well. obviously I can have A.T.and the same time .Lucky me ,I've hit the jackpot !!!

    Good Luck with the ablation

  • You could have both I feel but it is quite possible that sorting the AF out will likewise help the AT. I developed A Tach after two of my ablations but cardioversion corrected it and since then I have not had any of either.. (four years so far)


  • Hopefully you are right.Certainly since I've been taking beta blockers I don't think I have had any more episodes of A.T. just A.F but it's difficult to tell which symptoms belong to which problem.


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