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Help raise awareness of heart rhythm disorders in your community or workplace!

Help raise awareness of heart rhythm disorders in your community or workplace!

We organise an annual event aimed at raising awareness of heart rhythm disorders, like atrial fibrillation (AF).

'Heart Rhythm Week' provides a platform for individuals, groups, organisations and healthcare professionals to come together to raise awareness of AF. One of the main objectives of this year’s 'Hearts & Goals' campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of pulse checks in screening for AF.

There are many ways to get involved:

1.Give information to your friends and family

2.Display information in your local community by organising an awareness display in your local medical centre, nursery, hospital or leisure centre

3.Share your story for Heart Rhythm Week. Heart Rhythm Week generates a lot of media interest. If you think you could help, share your story

4.Bake cakes to sell at school, work or in your own home to raise funds for AF Association

Contact Raj for more information:

Thank you!

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I have been trying to pass on as much info as possible. Not many people knew about AF and what it means. I have also been 'advised' 'not to rock the boat regarding the risks and the dangers of the wrong type of exercise. (I am a yoga teacher). There have been many times over the past years I have felt like giving up, I am still here. I must admit I am now getting tired of speaking out. I will continue to pass on information about the condition and the side effects of medication. Can someone please try and explain to me why it is wrong to encourage others to work in a way that is right for them, to exercise safely.?


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